Daughters of Norway
Celebrating Our Norwegian Heritage for over 100 Years!

2016 Cultural Day

The Scandinavian cultural fair was a great success.  There were many cultural classes to attend such as:

  • Telemark Rosemaling
  • Norwegian Folk Songs
  • Norwegians in California
  • Cakes Nordic Style
  • Folk Dancing
  • Why I write Norsemen
  • Wood Carving
  • Needle Felting
  • Wheat Weaving
  • Social Media Made Easy
  • Travelogue of Norway thru Stamps
  • Swedish Folk Art

Cakes - Nordic Style

Nothing but Cakes - Nordic Style...how to prepare (download the free guide by clicking on the red underline text)

2016-Cakes-2.gif  2016-Cakes-10.gif  2016-Cakes-4.gif  


2016-Cakes-1.gif 2016-Cakes-7.gif 2016-Cakes-5.gif 

Needle Felting

 2016-Felt-2.gif 2016-Felt-3.gif 2016-Felt-4.gif

2016-Felt-5.gif  2016-Felt-7.gif 2016-Felt-11.gif  

 2016-Felt-9.gif 2016-Felt-10.gif 2016-Felt-8.gif

Telemark Rosemal

2016-Rosemal-1.gif  2016-Rosemal-8.gif 2016-Rosemal-9.gif

  2016-Rosemal-11.gif 2016-Rosemal-7.gif 2016-Rosemal-12.gif

Wood Carving

2016-Wood-Carve-2.gif  2016-wood-carve-1.gif  2016-Wood-Carve-3.gif

Coverlets of Norway

Coverlettes_1.gif  Coverlettes.gif

Social Media Made Easy

2016-Social-Media-2.gif  2016-Social-Media-1.gif  2016-Social-Media-Selfie.gif