Daughters of Norway
Celebrating Our Norwegian Heritage for over 100 Years!

2016 Convention Welcome Reception

After our cultural day and Butikk, the Daughters of Norway sisters were treated to a Friday night welcome reception and silent auction.  Reception speaker Mae Roen who represented Innovation Norway and Nordic Innovation House welcomed us to the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. The evening was filled with laughter and fun. One of the highlights was the hat parade!    


    2016-Friday-Reception.gif  2016-Friday-Reception-11.gif  

2016-Friday-Reception-6.gif   2016-Friday-Reception-21.gif 

 2016-Friday-Reception-24.gif   2016-Friday-Reception-22.gif    

  2016-Friday-Reception-27.gif    2016-Friday-Reception-20.gif   2016-Friday-Reception-17.gif

2016-Friday-Reception-18.gif 2016-Friday-Reception-15.gif 

 2016-Friday-Reception-14.gif  2016-Friday-Reception-13.gif

The Judges for the hat parade had a tough decision but ultimately the winners were announced!  Gratulerer!

2016-Friday-Reception-28.gif  2016-Friday-Reception-29.gif