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annegrimbanner.pngAnne Grimdalen Lodge #34


Anne Grimdalen

Founded: February 22, 1987, Cupertino, CA

Meeting Details

When: Second Saturday of month at 9:30 am (Lodge does not meet in July)
Where: Oliver Ruud Community Center at Sunny View, 22445 Cupertino Road, Cupertino, CA


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Gratulerer to Anne Grimdalen Lodge #34!!  We celebrated our thirtieth anniversary in February, 2017 in splendid fashion with a fascinating program on the regional costumes or bunader of Norway.  The program concluded with members and guests each describing their bunad. They shared information about the region or fyllke where their ancestral bunad originated, as well as the unique design, the fabrics and decoration, the accessories, and the jewelry or solje worn. 


Bunad Attire!

Lodge Highlights


2017 Board of Officers

Anne Grimdalen lodge offers members San Francisco's South Bay area and further, from Los Altos all the way to Monterey County, a place to share and enjoy Nordic heritage. Social time with coffee and a smorgasbord of treats begins 9:30, followed by a meeting and program.  Guest speakers bring their expertise and love of Nordic culture and traditions in interesting and unique programs.  Members can also join  three interest groups:  Rosemaling, Hardanger embroidery, and a Writers Group.  The Writers Group was founded in 1997 and has yielded four published books and numerous short stories of the Norwegian-American experience captured for future generations. Our members also enjoy the camaraderie of participating in various Lodge craft sessions throughout the year to prepare for our annual butikk and other fund-raisers. 

2015-AGWheat-weaving.gif     2015-AG-Blottkakke.gif    

Wheat-weaving Nordic hearts          Blottake for Syttende Mai

Recent programs have included:  

  • Genealogy Workshop 
  • Hardanger Fiddle Demonstration
  • The Legacies of Our Family Heirlooms
  • Seven Notable Norwegian Artists Before Munch
  • Norway's UNESCO World Heritage Sites
  • Hand-Bell Christmas Concert by St. Olaf College Alumnae
  • Norwegian-American Life in the "Han Per and Han Ola" cartoons of Peter Rosendahl 
  • Traditions such as Mother's Day (February) and Easter (Paskeris)
  • Travelogues: "Intriguing Iceland" and "Hurtigruten Adventure"
  • Folk Crafts:  Textile & Weaving with Master Weaver Doris Burgess, Spinning with Lynn Curry of Sequoia Lace Spinners, Wheat Weaving with Jan Huss of The Straw, A History of Rosemaling & Demo with Shaun Sasaki, and Henning Wood Carving Collection.

Annual Events:

  • Lodge Anniversary Celebration
  • Syttende Mai Party
  • August Rose Garden Picnic
  • November Nordic Butikk
  • December Jul Luncheon

Sisters in Bunads 

Lodge's Name

The lodge was named for a noted sculptress Anne Grimdalen, born in 1899 in the Telemark region of Norway. She is most famous for the three colossal sculptures which decorate the facade of the Oslo City hall and figures on the large fountain adjacent to that site.  In addition to her sculptures based on historic themes, her figures of animals and Norwegian people are famous and well-loved.