Daughters of Norway
Celebrating Our Norwegian Heritage for over 100 Years!

Mission Statement

The mission and purpose of the Daughters of Norway is to unite into a sisterhood, women who wish to preserve Norwegian heritage; maintain among members a knowledge of the history, culture and language of Norway; and build a strong support system and bond of friendship within the sisterhood.


"I personally want to welcome you to the Daughters of Norway Website.  Your curiosity quotient has opened the door to an organization brimming with women of Nordic backgrounds forming a sisterhood striving to learn about Norway.  Your adventure has just started.  Whether you become a member, an associate member or neither, we hope our website will inspire you to make a connection with your heritage. Each lodge has monthly meetings with a cultural program that will whet your appetite for Norwegian history, cooking, arts, crafts, costumes, music, and literature.  You might even learn something about our cousins, in the other Nordic countries.

Our interactive map will aid you in finding a lodge near you.  Associate Memberships are available if there isn’t a lodge nearby.  All members receive the Døtre av Norge bi-monthly news magazine of the D. O. N. Lodge news in colorful pictures and writings fill the magazine.  We have biennial conventions which bring our sisterhood together.  Our 2016 convention was in San Francisco hosted by Sigrid Undset Lodge #32 and the Anne Grimdalen Lodge #34.  In 2018, our convention will be in Seaside, Oregon hosted by our Oregon lodges which include Stjernen #7Frida Hansen #37 and Agnes Mathilde Wergeland #52. Since 2 years is a long time to see our friends again, the Daughters of Norway sisters are famous for their road trips to visit other lodges and Scandinavian Festivals. 

Our website refreshes its articles and pictures, so keep clicking on us to see what is happening.  Got questions?  Click on the Contact tab."

Janna ArmbrusterGrand Lodge President

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