Daughters of Norway
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Rosanna Gutterud Johnsrud Lodge #53

Founded: October 11, 2014, Fargo, North Dakota/Moorhead, Minnesota

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Meeting Details

When: Second Saturday of each month at 10:00 am
Where: Bethesda Lutheran Church, 401 40th Ave. S., Moorhead, MN

Contact Us:  email

We at the Rosanna Gutterud Johnsrud lodge are looking for members from the original lodge in this area that was disbanded.  Please contact us at the email address above if you know or are one of those sisters!

Lodge Highlights

We will be celebrating our 1st anniversary of our lodge in October 2015.  The family of Rosanna Johnsrud will be performing!  More details to come.

Lodge's Name

Rosanna Gutterud was born on a farm near Fairdale, North Dakota, on March 19, 1912.  She was the youngest of Torvals and Minnie A. Gutterud.  Thorvald was born in Norway, and Minnie was a first generation Norwegian-American.  Rosanna married Emore Johnsrud (a native of Fertile, Minnesota) on November 26, 1937.  The couple had two children.  Sonja was born in April, 1939, followed by her brother Robert in November 1940.

Rosanna was a playwright, poet, and musician.  At the age of 17 she published her first poem.  Her first play (1937), "Dronning Aase fra slottet", was written and performed in Norwegian at a Syttende Mai celebration in Dahlen, North Dakota.  Her famous poem "Two Flags" was published in the Daughters of Norway news magazine.  The members of the Rosanna Gutterud Johnsrud Lodge #53 are proud to select her for their namesake.