Daughters of Norway
Celebrating Our Norwegian Heritage for over 100 Years!

solheim_Banner_1.jpgSolheim Lodge #20

solheimlogo.jpgFounded: February 28, 1913, Butte, MT

Meeting Details

When: First Monday of month at 6:00pm (summer meetings vary)
Where: The Springs at Butte, 300 Mount Highland Drive, Butte MT

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Lodge Highlights


Solheim Lodge Officers

The Solheim lodge is an active lodge with a long heritage. It has operated for a century and it is the oldest intact Daughters of Norway lodge formed in former mining and ranching communities in Montana. The lodge puts on an annual Bazaar, the second Saturday in November, where they sell lefse and other Scandinavian goodies.  They also cohost an annual lutefisk and Swedish meatball dinner with the Gold Hill Lutheran Church, the 1st Saturday in December.

Nordic programs and workshops:

  • Travel Programs
  • Nordic Christmas Cookies
  • solheim_Meatball_Crew_1.jpg

    Meatball Crew


    Cheryl and local news reporter

    Tomtens & Nisser
  • Trips to Nordic Events
  • Hardanger Embroidery
  • Evening Bonfires with Stories
  • Nordic Cooking (Lefse & Cookies)
  • Sharing of Scandinavian Heritage with the Community
  • Holiday Fests (including Christmas and Syttende Mai Celebrations)

Lodge's Name


The sun is carried in a chariot.
A bronze piece recovered
in 1902 from Trundholm
Moor/Marsh, West Zealand
County, Denmark (1400 BC)

Being one of the oldest lodges in the organization, the lodge's name was chosen from Nordic mythology and heavenly, or geographical inspirations. Solheim, translates roughly, as Home of the Sun. The Sun in Nordic mythology was a female who along with her brother, the Moon, rode on a chariot of gold through the skies. Part of the Nordic creation theory had these two fair children (Sun and Moon) off on paths across the sky traveling at great speeds because they were chased by hungry wolves. In some stories, they are driven round the heavens in chariots drawn by very swift horses.