Daughters of Norway
Celebrating Our Norwegian Heritage for over 100 Years!



Depiction of Valkyrie

Valkyrien Lodge #1

Founded: October 19, 1905, Seattle, WA

Valkyrien Lodge welcomes you to join them in exploring your Scandinavian heritage!

Meeting Details

When: Second Saturday of each month at 11:00 AM. Social Time begins at 10:30 AM. (Lodge does not meet July & August)
Where: Norse Home, 5311 Phinney Avenue North, Seattle, WA

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valkyrienlogo.jpgLodge Highlights

Valkyrien is the first lodge formed in the Daughters of Norway organization. It has been a strong and vibrant group for over one hundred years! They participated in the founding of the Norse Home, a retirement community on Phinney Ridge in Seattle; the Norwegian Women's Chorus (of Seattle); and the Seventeenth of May Parade Organizing Committee.


Valkrien Members

Valkyrien Lodge helps to support Norse Home, Barneleikeringen (The Norwegian Children's Dance Group) and the National Nordic Museum, all in Seattle, as well at the Daughters of Norway Scholarship Fund.

Nordic cultural programs offered:

  • Films
  • Crafts
  • Auctions
  • Rosemaling
  • Nordic Cooking
  • Scandinavian Languages
  • Hardangersom (embroidery)
  • valkyrienwoman.jpg

    Valkyrien members have fun!
    “Rudolph” Member Camille
    Torget, meets Julenisse,
    Kåren Sterlington,
    at the Julefest.


    Valkyrien member was
    Seattle's 2008 Leif Erikson
    Parade Queen

    Music (instrumental & vocal)
  • Parties & Holiday Celebrations
  • Guest Speakers (from Various Countries, International Student Exchange Program, Scandinavian Specialists)

Lodge's Name

Valkyrien Lodge was named for the Valkyries of Norse Mythology. At first the Valkyries were the female messengers of Odin, the chief god. Later they were considered to be his warrior maidens, as they rode into battle on horseback to choose the slain. They escorted warriors who died in battle to Valhalla (Odin's castle) and there welcomed them with horns of mead.